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what is the minimum print run?

Our minimum run for screen printing is 20 pieces.  Though it is usually more economical for you to print a minimum of 50 to take advantage of price and print options.

can i mix t-shirt colours in my order?

Absolutely!  So long as the artwork works on all t-shirt colours, no problem at all.  Just beware printing between light and dark garments can sometimes make your print look negative, depending on artwork.

can i change ink colours during a print run?

Yes!  But each colour change will require a minimum run of 20 pieces and also add a £10 per colour washout charge.

how should i send & prepare my artwork?

If your artwork is too big to send by email, you can send by Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or whatever file sharing host you use.  Your artwork should be a minimum of 300dpi.  Check out our Artwork Templates page for more info and tips.

how long until my order is delivered?

After payment is complete, we estimate between 7-10 working days for job completion.  We will then ship UK orders on a next day delivery service.  Europe may take up to 5 working days for delivery once shipped.  If you need your order faster; please let us know well in advance, a rush job fee may be added.

can you print on other brands?

We have access to hundred of brands, thousands of garments.  If you can't find what you're looking for in our catalogues... Email us and we'll try and source it!

Can i supply my own garments?

We have no problems with you supplying your own stock - However, due to certain reactions to some inks and fabrics (especially synthetics) we cannot guarantee being able to print on all garments.  We would suggest print & wash testing before any print run on garments which we have little knowledge of.  There will also be a handling fee for all supplied garments.

why am i missing a couple of shirts?

Due to imperfections of garments or unintentional misprints, your order could short by up to 10%.  It is extremely rare your order will be short as we always aim to provide your order complete.  However we will issue a refund or credit for any missing items.

do you print dtg t-shirts too?

Direct-to-garment printing is becoming more and more popular... we are always looking to grow.  Contact us to find out how we can help.

what is a pantone reference?

Pantone is a standard colour matching system.  If you can provide exact Pantone numbers, we can match your ink colours better.  Please be aware Pantone colours on screen do not exactly match Pantone book colours... If you can access one, make sure your colours are correct before supplying references.

what is screen charge?

Screen charges are individual charges for each colour/print in your design.  Every colour requires it's own screen, and they all take time to prepare and setup... Hence the charge!

how long will you keep my screens?

We keep your screens for up to 3 months!  We will not charge you for your screen setups if we still have your screens!  If we no longer have your screens we charge just £10 per screen for a reset.

can you help me create artwork?

Hell yeah.. We love getting creative!  Hit us up with your ideas and we can work something out!

will you print over a zip?

Usually no... It is not an easy job and is very time consuming.  Depends on the artwork though...

all over prints?

Not at this time...

can i see a photo before the print run?

You can yes, but we will need to schedule a time that you will be available to take a call and receive the photos.. We will not wait longer than 10 minutes after setting up a job to get started.  Confirm you would like to do this when you order!

can i come and see you?

If you would like to come visit our warehouse, please contact us to arrange an appointment.  We cannot guarantee someone will be able to show you around if you arrive unannounced.

can i order a sample?

Due to setup times, we do not offer one off samples.  However we're confident you will be happy with our work.  Plus we can send you a mock up "proof" of more or less how it will look :)

FAQ YOU! why didn't you answer my question?

Sorry!  We're only human (kind of).  Email us with your questions, and we'll get back to you!

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