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guidelines for artwork 

Below are some templates for different size screen prints.  Remember, these are only suggestions and guidelines... Feel free to create at your preferred sizes.

We only ask you provide artwork your artwork hi-res; 300dpi is perfect, and is the minimum requirement.

how to prepare your artwork

Regardless if your creating artwork for t-shirts, stickers, beanies or anything... Ideally your artwork should be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi. We can sometimes work from lower resolution files, but note this will be reflected in the final result.

Colour Format: CMYK
File Format: PSD, AI, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS
File Resolution: 300dpi

maximum print area 

Our automatic press will print a maximum of 380mm x 470mm, and by hand we can print 380mm x 550mm oversized prints.  We would prefer to print at the automatic's maximum print size as depending on which jobs we have on we can print either by hand or auto.

A3 Print MockUp.jpg

standard print (a3)

(297mm x 420mm)

The most common print size as the screens can be easily shared between men's and women's t-shirts.

Large Print MockUp.jpg

large print

(380mm x 470mm)

We would recommend dropping the width down to about 355mm to avoid the print overlapping the sleeve on size smalls.  This print will not fit on women's t-shirts.

Pocket Print MockUp.jpg

pocket print

(100mm x 100mm)

Usually placed on the left breast.  Sometimes bigger or smaller than the recommended size looks best.

Sleeve Print MockUp.jpg

sleeve print

(90mm x 100mm)

download: .psd / .pdf

Longsleeve Print MockUP2.jpg

longsleeve print

download: .psd / .pdf

(90mm x 400mm

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